The Top of the Square Residents Association is named after the scenic community room at the top of our building, Cathedral Square Senior Living (CSSL) at 3 Cathedral Square in Burlington, Vermont, overlooking Battery Street and Lake Champlain.

CSSL residents meet once a month except in December to discuss and resolve issues of common concern in order to enhance our community life. We listen to each other with patience so that everyone’s needs and concerns may be heard and shared. We continually learn to listen more closely and let whoever has the floor speak free of interruption so that all of us may hear. We express respect for everyone concerned, ever mindful to refrain from personal attacks.

We discover deeper purpose in sharing our challenges and working together to achieve common goals. Most important, we learn to trust each other for our mutual well-being and to practice what is most difficult for all of us: asking for help.

Learn about what we’ve done and what we hope to accomplish — perhaps you’d like to help us!

Read our stories and get to know us.

• Read about some of our great activities at CSSL that keep us on our toes (thanks, Kristin D’Agostino!).

• Visit our Community Kiosk to learn what’s happening in the greater Burlington area, the place we love to call home, and how to support our sponsors and friends.

 About This Site

The goal of our site is to maintain valuable connections with our greater community, including our families, our precious friendships, our neighbors, the many devoted people who lovingly serve us, and frequent visitors who are growing growing to know us.

To these ends, this site will strive to be helpful and serve our community as best we can while humbly asking for help to fulfill our common needs and aspirations.

Questions? Ideas? Want to sponsor or otherwise support our good work? Email us at TopOfTheSquare@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.