Elm Place, Cathedral Square’s new 30-residence building in Milton and the first multifamily building in Vermont certified to meet “passive house” energy standards, received three awards at the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) annual Passive Projects Competition.

Awards were announced at the 2017 North American Passive House Conference in Seattle this fall. Projects were judged on their strength in multiple categories, including energy performance, design, craftsmanship, use of healthy materials, level of difficulty for the given climate/site, and cost effectiveness of the affordable projects.

Elm Place was awarded Best Overall ProjectBest Multifamily Project, and also received an Honorable Mention Award in the Affordable Project Category.

Buildings designed and built to the PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard consume 86% less energy for heating and 46% less energy for cooling (depending on climate zone and building type) compared to a code-compliant building. PHIUS+ 2015 is the first and only passive building standard based upon climate-specific comfort and performance criteria aimed at presenting a cost-optimized solution to achieving the most durable, resilient, and energy-efficient building possible for a specific location.

More information about the awards and other category winners can be at Green Building & Design and on the PHIUS website.