Position Summary:

The Manager of Food Service has full managerial responsibility for all Cathedral Square Corporation (CSC) food service programs and will administer these to meet organizational goals, resident needs and all applicable laws and regulations.  The manager is responsible for supervision of staff, menu planning, ordering of food, maintains inventory, food preparation and serving activities.

Principle Responsibilities:

  1.  Management of Food Service Operations:
    1. Promotes and follows individually and departmentally CSC’s policies and procedures.
    2. Ensures each foodservice site is operated economically, professionally, and safely with an emphasis on prevention of problems.
    3. Develops, documents and maintains policy and procedures that ensure each foodservice site meets applicable regulations for sanitation, food safety and meal planning.
    4. Develops nutritionally adequate and creative menus consistent with residents’ lifestyles, food preferences, physician ordered diets and textures while meeting budgetary requirements and applicable regulations.
    5. Interacts with site Directors, non-foodservice staff, regulators and consultants in a team-oriented and professional manner to ensure effective problem solving, goal setting and inter-departmental cooperation.
    6. Frequently interacts directly with residents and their families in an empathetic, honest and professional manner to ensure to the extent possible within the scope of foodservice operations, that their dining experience meets their nutritional needs, honors their food preferences and is a positive aspect of their daily lives.
    7. Plans, supervises and actively participates in all aspects of kitchen operations including staff schedule, food preparation and serving activities.
    8. Accurately completes record keeping, publishing and reporting duties within required timeframes.
    9. Establishes and maintains vendor relationships.
    10. Actively participates in required meetings, in-services and special events.
    11. Purchases personally or through delegation, food and supplies to ensure menus can be served as planned within budgetary guidelines and without excess inventory plus meet established quality standards.
    12. Ensures proper use, maintenance, and repair of foodservice equipment.
    13. Actively participates in the operating and capital budget processes.
    14. Performs on-call duties and when needed, fills in for absent staff.
  1. Development of Food Service Operations:
    1. Works with Director of Operations and Director of Development on kitchen design and layout
    2. Continually looks for organizational improvements and cost savings measures while keeping quality.
    3. Determines feasibility of new kitchen sites.
  1. Supervision of Staff:
    1. Hires, disciplines, evaluates, trains and coach’s direct reports.
    2. Maintains staff schedule, review and approve timecards and time off requests.
    3. Conducts staff meetings and keeps employees informed of CSC information.
    4. Conducts quarterly check-in and annual performance evaluations for all kitchen staff.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must possess an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts or Hotel & Restaurant Management or equivalent background and experience. Certification by the Dietary Managers’ Association and/or ServeSafe is preferred.  At least five years of previous supervisory and cooking experience in commercial food service is required. Knowledge of OSHA regulations is essential.  Flexibility in working schedule and weekend/holiday availability is a must.  Must possess good interpersonal communication skills and be able to relate to a wide variety of people.  The ability to multi-task, make sound decisions and respond appropriately to emergent situations is critical to the success of this position.  Prior experience working with seniors or individuals with disabilities is preferred.   Must be computer literate with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office Word and Excel.  Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Working Conditions and Physical Demands:

  1. Must be physically capable of working in settings of extreme heat and humidity.
  2. Must be able to stand for 4 hours at a time.
  3. Must be able to lift 50 lbs over head.
  4. Must be adaptable to working in a high stress work environment.
  5. Exposure to chemicals and cleaning solutions.

CSC Standards of Conduct:

  1. Demonstrates a commitment to the mission and values of CSC.
  2. Demonstrates respectful and effective communication with co-workers, residents, families and vendors.
  3. Protects the privacy and confidentiality of information related to residents, families, staff and general CSC operations.
  4. Communicates a positive image about CSC to the community.
  5. Conducts him/herself in a safe manner by adhering to all safety practices, rules and standards throughout the work day.
  6. Maintains a professional appearance that is appropriate for his/her position.
  7. Reports to work on time, completes time card accurately in Evoclock, provides advance notice for time off, and appropriately manages CTO time.
  8. Demonstrates a commitment to integrity in work habits and use of CSC resources.
  9. CSC’s mission and operations require that an employee is prepared to perform duties as assigned that may be outside his/her principal responsibilities.