Position Summary:

  • This position resides within the Statewide SASH Administrative Team at Cathedral Square.  It includes two distinct yet complimentary roles.  The SASH Health Systems Educator role leads the SASH program’s efforts to improve chronic disease management among SASH program participants by way of a collaborative partnership with the Vermont Department of Health.    The Wellness Nurse Lead role focuses on supporting the SASH Wellness Nurses throughout the state by way of timely education and training on various health topics as well the core elements of the SASH program as they relate to the Wellness Nurse role. This position is grant dependent.

Principle Responsibilities for Health Systems Educator

  1. Grant Management and Technical Assistance
    1. Manage a multi-year grant through the Vermont Department of Health related to reducing the burden of chronic disease on Vermonters.
    2. Lead and collaborate with SASH staff in the development and maintenance of pilot initiatives around chronic disease management.
    3. Coordinate quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives statewide.
    4. Maintain and develop new work flow tools focused on chronic disease management and self-management to assist SASH staff to work effectively and efficiently.
    5. Conduct site visits to SASH hubs to provide trainings and quality review with on the ground SASH staff.
  2. Training
    1. In collaboration with SASH Training Coordinator, create and provide statewide training to SASH Coordinators and Wellness Nurses (and other partner agency staff when applicable) on best practices techniques in blood pressure measurement.
    2. Assist in the development and management of training programs and educational material for SASH staff and community partners including scheduling, coordinating and presenting the training.
    3. Develop and continually improve documents and manuals to help guide and train staff on the implementation of the SASH model.
    4. Produce educational material based on resources developed and collected from the CDC, the Vermont Department of Health, SASH staff with existing chronic disease management programs and other partners.
    5. Collaborate with SASH staff to develop strategies for implementing resources and trainings.
  3. SASH Data Quality and Review
    1. Support SASH staff to utilize SASH’s data entry and work-flow tool for blood pressure data entry, diabetes/pre-diabetes data entry.
    2. Collaborate with SASH Data Analyst to produce and disseminate regular hypertension and diabetes/pre-diabetes data quality reports to SASH staff to ensure data integrity.

Principle Responsibilities for Wellness Nurse Lead:

    1. Staff Support and Training:
      1. Provide coaching and technical assistance to Wellness Nurses around the state regarding their role and job functions.
      2. Act as the key spokesperson from the SASH Admin Team to the Wellness Nurses across the state on new initiatives, technical issues, and quality opportunities via monthly Wellness Nurse calls, articles in the SASH staff newsletter and Intranet (STAR).
    2. Technical Assistance:
      1. Provide consultation to Data System Managers and SASH Admin Team as a whole on functionality, implementation, issues tracking, and usage of PHL among Wellness Nurses.
    3. SASH Data Quality Review:
      1. Provide consultation to the SASH Program Specialist and SASH Admin Team as a whole on data quality issues/concerns among Wellness Nurses.
      2. Review and maintain existing SASH Wellness Nurse Policies and Procedures and recommend improvements, revisions, etc. as needed. Examples include medication reconciliation policy, nurse core competencies, etc.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.  Experience utilizing and teaching health behavior change models and self-management skills related to chronic health conditions strongly desired. Must have at least a three year track record as a self-starter who enjoys taking on a challenge.  Experience in public policy or program implementation involving low income, the elderly, or persons with disabilities is a plus.  Must be a team player who enjoys multi-tasking. Must possess the ability to problem solve.  Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Knowledge of long term care delivery, affordable housing, and health care reform a plus. Knowledge of Gant Charts, Excel, Access and PowerPoint a plus. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

CSC Standards of Conduct

  1. Demonstrates a commitment to the mission and values of Cathedral Square and the SASH model.
  2. Demonstrates respectful and effective communication with co-workers, partner agencies, SASH staff and SASH participants.
  3. Protects the privacy and confidentiality of information related to SASH.
  4. Communicates a positive image about Cathedral Square and SASH to the community.
  5. Conducts him/herself in a safe manner by adhering to all safety practices, rules and standards throughout the work day.
  6. Demonstrates a commitment to quality and proactively seeks to make improvements to systems and processes.
  7. Maintains a professional appearance that is appropriate for his/her position.
  8. Reports to work on time, provides advance notice for time off, completes timesheets accurately and appropriately manages CTO time.
  9. Demonstrates a commitment to integrity in work habits and use of Cathedral Square resources.
  10. Cathedral Square’s mission and operations require that an employee is prepared to perform duties as assigned that may be outside his/her principle responsibilities.