Applying for Housing

Q: I would like to speak to someone about housing options. Who can I speak with?
A:  Call Cathedral Square’s main phone number at 802-863-2224 or email us at for general information about housing options and current vacancies. Our website even has virtual tours of some of our properties.

Q: Is there anyone available to help me fill out the application if I need help?
A: Yes, we have staff that is available to help answer any questions that you may have. Please contact us at 802-863-2224 or to schedule an appointment at our main office located at 412 Farrell Street, Suite 100 in South Burlington.

Q: I have a relative, who is no longer able to maintain their home, but who is still able to live independently. How do I assist them with finding appropriate housing? How can I get started?
A: Your first step would be to gather information about the housing choices available for your relative, depending on their age, income and personal preferences. We offer housing details on our website, including floor plans of apartments and virtual tours of some properties. Also, available online is a rental application. Because there is often a wait-list, the sooner your relative submits his/her application the sooner they will have the opportunity to move into housing that meets their needs.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for your properties?

A: Each property has its own eligibility requirements. Please visit our individual property page for specific property requirements. For more information please contact us at or at 802-863-2224.

Q: Is there a waiting list for an apartment?

A: Currently, there are wait lists for all Cathedral Square communities. As a result of this, the length of the wait list varies from site-to-site. All wait lists are maintained strictly by date of application received. There are many factors involved in filling an apartment that make it difficult to estimate the length of the wait. Openings for an apartment depend on the number of vacancies at any given community so the wait lists can vary from six months to a minimum of five years. Please call our office 802-863-2224 or email us at to find out more about the properties you are interested in.

Q: How do I arrange a tour to visit a property?
A: Tours are scheduled by appointment only. You can call our main office at 802-863-2224 or email us at to obtain more information about scheduling the tours. And as always, you can look through our website to view floor plans and virtual tours of Cathedral Square communities.

Q: Do you have both one and two bedroom apartments?
Most of our properties have both one- and two-bedroom apartments, but there are some that only have one-bedroom apartments. Ruggles House and Richmond Terrace offer efficiency apartments and McAuley Scholar’s House has one-, two- and three- bedroom apartments.

Living in a Cathedral Square Property

Q: What are the advantages of renting with Cathedral Square?
A: Cathedral Square is resident-focused. We have a part-time on-site SASH Coordinator or Property Manager at each of our properties to assist residents as needed.  The residents at each of our properties have the option of joining a variety of social activities, along with exercise classes and informal educational seminars on topics of interest. We also have a maintenance staff that is on-call 24 hours, seven days a week to assist with maintenance emergencies. Cathedral Square residents get preferred placement into our Assisted Living apartments.

Q: Can I have pets?
A: Yes, each resident family may own up to two common household pets (only one of which may be a dog) to include a cat, caged bird, hamster, or fish (limit of one 10-gallon tank). Unacceptable dog breeds include: Akita, Argentinean Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, Can Corso, Chow, Doberman Pinscher, English Bull Terrier, German Shepherd, Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Wolf Hybrid, Mix Breeds that include any of the above, guard dogs, and any dog with a past history of biting or that has demonstrated aggressive behavior. Reptiles, rodents, ferrets, farm animals including pot-bellied pigs and rabbits, snakes and similar animals are among those pets not allowed. A refundable pet deposit is required for each pet.

Costs and Financials 


Q: What is the cost range for CSC housing?
A: Rental fees fall into one of three categories: subsidized, tax credit and market-rate. Please see below for a more detailed explanation of the eligibility guidelines related to these categories.

HUD subsidized: If income and age eligible (62 years and older or disabled based on location), you pay approximately 30% of your gross annual income as your rent. For example, if you have a gross annual income of $10,000, you would pay approximately $3,000 a year, or $250 a month.

Tax Credit: If income and age eligible (55 years and older), you pay a fixed-rate rent which differs from site to site, but is lower than market rate apartments.

Market Rate: If age eligible, you pay a fixed-rate rent which will vary from site to site. Please note that our market rate apartments are still considerably less than other market rate apartments in this area.

Q: What do the following terms mean?
A: Subsidized:
  The rent is based on income and the remaining portion is paid by the local Housing Authority or HUD. A resident pays approximately 30% of their income in rent. Each resident in subsidized apartments are recertified annually to determine if they are still eligible for the program. CSC offers some project-based subsidies which mean that the subsidy is attached to a specific apartment at a specific building. Another form of subsidy is a portable voucher, which is obtained through a Housing Authority.  A portable voucher is attached to a household and may be applied to any apartment they move into, provided that Section 8 is accepted at that building. For more information or to apply for the Section 8 portable voucher, please contact the Vermont State Housing Authority (802) 828-3295, Burlington Housing Authority (802) 864-0538 or Winooski Housing Authority (802) 655-2360.

Tax Credit: The rents for tax credit apartments are lower than market rate apartments. To be eligible for this type of housing the household income must meet certain income and age guidelines. Please call the main office at (802) 863-2224 to find out the income and eligibility guidelines. Those eligible for the low-income tax credit program pay a rental amount that was determined when the housing was built and usually increases annually. The rent for a tax credit apartment is not based on the resident’s income and does not change if the resident’s income changes. Each resident in tax credit apartments are re-certified annually to determine if they are still eligible for the program.

Market Rate: These apartments work the same as renting an apartment privately. We do not need to re-verify income and assets each year for people living in market rate apartments. Upon move-in we simply verify that the applicant is not eligible for the tax credit or subsidy programs.

Q: As a homeowner, I am wondering can I maintain ownership of a home and rent a CSC apartment and if I sell my home, how are the sales proceeds treated when you calculate my income eligibility?
Your CSC apartment must be your primary residence.  You can maintain ownership of a home while renting a CSC subsidized or tax credit apartment, as long as any income earned or sale from the ownership, does not place you over-income for the apartment you are renting.

Q: If I need to be away from my apartment for several months, will CSC hold my apartment?
It depends on which funding program you rent your apartment under and the reason for your absence. If you rent a subsidized or tax credit apartment, your apartment must be your sole residence and there is a limit to how many days you may be away during a calendar year. If you rent a market rate apartment, your apartment will be held as long as your rent is paid.

Q: Do you have to be low-income to reside at a CSC location?
No. Approximately 10% of CSC housing is market-rate, meaning there are no income restrictions attached to the apartments.

Q: Can my husband and I rent a two-bedroom and receive rental assistance?
Generally speaking it is uncommon to allow a couple to reside in a subsidized two-bedroom apartment unless there is a clearly demonstrable medical reason for the second bedroom. However, this is not the case with tax credit and market-rate apartments, where there are no restrictions on allocation of two-bedroom apartments.